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5 Reasons to Hire An Immigration Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Posted by Ryan Kosobucki | Feb 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

Reasons to Hire An Immigration Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Are you looking to hire an immigration lawyer in Jacksonville, FL? Whether your goal is to become acitizen of the United States, receive a temporary work visa, or obtain a visa for your fiancé, an experienced immigration lawyer will be an integral part of navigating the process successfully. That is because the role of your immigration lawyer is to develop a strategy that will help you achieve your objective in the most straightforward way. Here at Kosobucki & Tessier, an immigration law firm in Ormond Beach, Florida, we have been helping our clients with their immigration needs throughout the state of Florida. Along the way we have identified a few top reasons to hire an immigration lawyer and the benefits, you will receive from doing so.

Reasons to hire an immigration lawyer

5 Reasons to Hire An Immigration Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

  1. An experienced immigration attorney will explain all of your options.  You may be eligible for more than one type of immigration benefit, including some lesser-known benefits.  An attorney can explain the pros and cons of each benefit (including comparisons of cost and timeframe) and help you decide which path is best for you. 
  2. An experienced immigration attorney has knowledge that will benefit you.  This includes knowledge about the practices at specific agency offices, such as the local USCIS field office that will be handling your case.  An experienced attorney is also up to date about recent changes in the immigration laws and regulations, as well as changes in USCIS form editions, filing fees, and other information the could prevent your case from being rejected or denied. 
  3. An experienced immigration attorney will help you avoid costly mistakes.  For example, it is common for people to apply for immigration benefits for which they are not eligible, or for an eligible person to answer questions incorrectly or fail to submit the required evidence.  These errors can lead to application denial and removal (deportation) from the United States.  Mistakes can also be costly financially. You might save money by applying for an immigration benefit yourself, but if you make a mistake you will end up paying more later on for an attorney to try and salvage your case.  The smarter choice is to hire an experienced immigration attorney at the outset, so he or she can review your situation and advise you of your options.
  4. An experienced immigration attorney will advocate for you.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for USCIS and other government agencies to issue decisions that are incorrect (legally, factually, or both).  An experienced immigration attorney will know when the government is wrong and will fight for you.  Without an experienced attorney on your side, you might never know that your case was denied incorrectly.   Additionally, an attorney can advocate for you throughout your immigration processes, such as during USCIS interviews and immigration court hearings.
  5. An experienced immigration attorney will give you peace of mind.  Navigating the complexities of immigration law alone can be confusing and stressful.   An experienced attorney will take the reins and give you specific guidance on what information and evidence he or she needs allowing you to sit back and relax.  Knowing that your case is in good hands will substantially lessen the stress of the immigration process.

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At Kosobucki & Tessier PLLC, we are a full-service immigration law firm practicing exclusively in the area of U.S. Immigration law. We are highly experienced U.S. Immigration lawyers known for our ability to handle complex immigration and naturalization matters. So if you are ready to hire an immigration lawyer in Jacksonville, FL please contact our law firm to schedule a consultation today.

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